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6 Tips To Explode Your YouTube Following

Reaching people through social networks and other sites is a crucial part of success in business or creative endeavors today. It’s cost-effective, easy to use, and can help you reach a much larger audience than a lot of offline media. Many of the big influencers we’ve told you about have used social media sites to build big businesses. Of course, there are always unknowns. No one can guarantee anyone method/site will work for you and your product. However, there are things that will make it more likely you’ll reach that big audience.


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One of these is to create videos. Video content, alongside other visual content, is much more popular online than just text and YouTube is arguably the most popular place for people to go find video content. Let’s take a look at a few popular strategies from around the net…

Making it matter

No matter what article you find when you look up how to grow your YouTube account, you’ll find the biggest thing is also one of the more obvious: meaningful content. Videos that answer people’s questions, or helps them solve a problem. This is, obviously, going to depend on what you are specifically focused on (and you should definitely have some kind of focus and consistency in your social media branding/presence). Again, this is where passion is important because you’ll not only have a great handle on the topic, but you’ll have an enthusiasm in the video that will be evident and engage the viewer more.
Mix and match had a great article that broke down over 50 tips to use (look it up!), and the one that really stuck out to me was about mixing videos about trending content as well as videos that are evergreen (meaning an article/video/etc. that will be relevant to matter when someone is reading it).

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Keep it coming

Another common tip going around is to make sure you're putting regular content out there, even if you’re just updating a playlist on your channel. An active account is going to be more attractive to a viewer than one that puts out a video every year or two. As they say, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’


This tip is something I touched on for social media in general, and this was discussed in another Forbes article, ‘8 Secrets to Grow Your YouTube in 2018’ that was written by someone who should know what he’s talking about—he has over 500 million views on the platform. Read the article to see exactly why engaging with your commenters is so important on the platform. I’d suggest asking questions in your videos to encourage discussion. You can also ask for likes on the video if they enjoyed it, or even ask your audience for suggestions about other videos they’d like to see from you.

Use your tools

YouTube has a lot of tools available to creators that will encourage people to subscribe, and ways to link to other content on your channel, which will encourage people to come back for more. Spend some time getting used to them and figuring out how to make them work. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for regular tips and channel features that might inspire you.

Working Together had an excellent suggestion about working with other YouTubers. Not only will you probably have a lot more fun doing a video with someone else, but you’ll also be exposing each other to your respective audiences, increasing each other’s reach.

Look up the sites I mentioned above and see what other tips they had for readers, and look up tutorials from other YouTube accounts to see what’s worked for other creators.