Follow These 5 Simple Rules To Gain More Twitter Followers

Looking to build your social media presence?

Of course, you are! Lots of people are, for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to sell a product or service, while others are trying to get their creative talents seen by the public. Others are trying to promote a cause or charity they run. Whatever your motivation for trying to grow your following, there are plenty of ways to get seen, and each site is unique. Some social sites (Instagram) are more visually-oriented, while others feature a lot of text. As with anything, you'll find that some sites just don't feel right, or don't sell for you. I know people who swear by Facebook, while others get more attention and sales on Twitter. It's all about experimentation.

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This time, let's take a look at Twitter and check out five tips for getting seen. Try them, or study some of your favorites to find extra strategies. First, let's look at the pros and cons of this site vs. Instagram.

The Good and the Bad

Twitter is able to function the same, whether you're on the phone or a computer, while you'll be limited in what you can do if you try to use your laptop to check out/manage your Instafeed.

Another pro is that a post can include a clickable link on Twitter that users can go to right then, rather than have to copy/paste the link or go to your bio as they would have to on Insta.

Another pro is that Twitter gives you the ability to organize your followers into lists, while Insta does not. At the same time, Insta gives you the ability to edit a post to fix those autocorrect fails, something that you won't find on Twitter. Twitter also limits you in how much you can say.

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The Strategy

So, let's say you already have found that you prefer Twitter, or you want to give it a try. If so, here are five ways you can help people discover you:


Hashtags. As with most sites, hashtags are popular ways to get your post seen, as well as see what others are saying about a topic. Twitter makes it easy to connect by putting popular hashtags in a trending bar. Use this to join in on hashtag games, and you'll find you'll get some reach.

Retweeting. Sharing other people's work that aligns with your own, as well as other posts that fit into your message is a great way to get people coming back because you'll be offering useful content, as well as helping someone else get extra reach. A lot of the times, these users will reciprocate, exposing you to their own following.

Engage. Besides just sharing useful content, it's important to show that you're not just there to share links and run. Talk about things related to what you're doing, and chat up others.

Be real. No matter what social site you're on, authentic and fun is key to drawing people in.

Respond. If people comment on your product or ask a question, respond! It's easy to forget sometimes, especially when your following gets bigger, but people will move on if they ask about a product and you don't answer.

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